Fall Tour

Discover the Amish community that resides near Pawnee City in southeast Nebraska. Enjoy lunch with an Amish family and learn about their way of life.

Tuesday, September 19, 2023
7:45 am – 6:30 pm
Tour starts at 3535 Piney Creek Drive, Omaha NE and Lithuanian Bakery, 7427 Pacific Street, Omaha NE
$120 per person

Price includes coach transportation, driver gratuity, attraction admission, morning cinnamon rolls at Dutch Pantry, family style luncheon with Amish family, horse drawn buggy rides, driving tour of the Amish community

Tour reservation deadline August 18, 2023

Highlights: Morning cinnamon rolls at Dutch Pantry - Pedal Clinic Museum - Family style luncheon with Amish family - Horse drawn buggy rides - Guided tour of Amish community sites

Today we travel south to the small farming community of Pawnee City, Nebraska. The area around Pawnee City is known Amish country due to the numerous Amish families that have settled there. Along with farming, many have opened businesses in the area. The Amish community, which was originally from Wisconsin, was started in Nebraska in 2011. The rural farmland surrounding Pawnee City was affordable and the area was somewhat isolated.

Our first stop of the morning is at the Dutch Pantry in Auburn, Nebraska. The business is owned by a Mennonite family. We’ll enjoy their popular homemade cinnamon rolls and coffee while learning the differences between Mennonites and Amish. Later this morning we arrive in Pawnee City and meet our guide for the day. Our first destination is the Pedal Clinic Museum. The museum contains over 500 vintage restored pedal toys from the last century. As you walk inside, you will be amazed to see toys everywhere, from the shelves to the floors. The oldest restored pedal car dates back to 1938.

This afternoon we visit the home of an Amish family for a family style lunch. As you can imagine, the meal will be homemade, filling, and delicious. After the meal, the family will give us an opportunity to learn a little bit about their Amish culture. There will also be an opportunity to ride in their traditional family buggy. The rest of the afternoon will be spent exploring Amish owned business in the area with a step-on guide. Learn where the Amish children go to school, where the community gathers to worship, and purchase goods.

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