Summer Tour

Spend the day learning about the world religions including Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Greek Orthodox, and the Ukrainian Catholic of Byzantine Rite

Tuesday, July 30, 2019
9:00 am – 4:30 pm
Tour starts at the Orchard Plaza parking lot, 2429 South 132nd Street, Omaha
$94 per person
Price includes lunch and donations to each religious organization

Tour registration and full payment deadline June 27, 2019

Join us for a journey of faith and understanding

Highlights: Guided tour of the Nebraska State Capitol building - Guided tour of the Nebraska Governor’s Mansion - Licorice International shop - Historic Haymarket District - International Quilt Study Center and Museum

We begin the day with a tour of the Tri-Faith Initiative, which houses a Jewish synagogue, Christian church, and a Muslim mosque within a circle. All three places of worship connect by walkways that lead to a shared common center in the middle of the circle. Learn about the beliefs of Islam with a tour of the American Muslim Institute and Islamic Cultural Center. Explore the culture, beliefs, and worship practices of one of the largest religions in world. Over one billion people in the world are of the Islamic faith. Next experience the religion of Judaism as you visit the nearby Jewish synagogue. Learn about the history, spirituality, and culture of this religion of seventeen million people. Lunch today is at the St. John’s Greek Orthodox Church. After a presentation on the beautiful byzantine style icon artwork of the church, you will enjoy a homemade Greek luncheon prepared by the women of the congregation. Just for fun, the women will also do a traditional Greek dance performance after lunch. This afternoon we visit the Ukrainian Assumption Catholic Church of Byzantine Rite. It is a little known church in Omaha. Our guide, Olesia Reprichowskyj will talk about the differences between the Ukrainian Catholic Church and Roman Catholic Church. A priest that is allowed to be married gives their masses only in the Ukrainian language. Olesia will also talk about her incredible experiences as a child slave laborer in Germany during WWII and her escape from communism after the war. It is a very inspirational story. Our last stop is a tour of the Hindu Temple in west Omaha. Learn about the Hinduism as we view the beautiful temple artistry.

NOTE Tour Dress Code: The American Muslim Institute has requested a dress code to enter their religious areas of worship. Women must wear a headscarf, long sleeve blouse, and a long skirt. Long pants are required for men. The Hindu Temple requires that all shoes be removed before entering the temple unless there is a medical condition.  Please be respectful of these requests. If request are not met, the host has the right to refuse entre of an individual.

Since the day might be warm, there will be an opportunity to change clothing after the tour of the Muslim mosque. Please bring summer clothing with you if you wish to change clothing for the rest of the tour.

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