Spring Tour

Experience over 50 varieties of spring lilacs at Arbor Day Farm in Nebraska City! Tour the 52 room former mansion of J. Sterling Morton, the founder of Arbor Day. Enjoy an outside guided walking tour of over 300 lilac shrubs planted throughout the property. Visit the Apple House Market for shopping and the amazing Kregel Windmill Factory Museum.

Tuesday, May 23, 2023
8:15 am – 5:00 pm
Tour starts at west Omaha locations

$125 per person

Price includes coach transportation, driver gratuity, attraction admissions and lunch

Tour reservation deadline April 23, 2023

Highlights: Guided tour of historic J. Sterling Morton mansion - Guided tour of outside lilac gardens - Lunch at the Timbers Restaurant in Lied Lodge - Apple House Market - Kregel Windmill Factory Museum

Celebrate the spring season with a visit to the Arbor Lodge Mansion and lilac gardens of Arbor Day Farm. We begin with a guided tour of the 52 room former residence of the J. Sterling Morton, the founder or Arbor Day. Originally built in 1855, the mansion features Victorian and Empire furnishings, a sun parlor containing a Tiffany skylight and a bowling alley in the basement. The surrounding outside area has over 150 different types of lilacs with over 300 shrubs planted throughout the property. The main lilac walk at Arbor Lodge State Park contains over 50 of these varieties.  This walk is less than one half mile over an even grade surface. A guide will provide information about lilac history and cultural references as well as identifying the specific varieties of lilacs.

Next, experience beautiful panoramic views at the Lied Lodge’s Timbers Restaurant of Arbor Day Farm while enjoying lunch with dessert. After lunch we visit the Apple House Market for a little shopping time. The market offers visitors tasty treats, nature inspired gifts, signature wines and souvenirs.

Our last stop of the tour is the Kregel Windmill Factory Museum. The museum is a windmill factory that was closed during the early 1940’s, with most of the machines dating back to 1902. Upon closing, everything was left untouched up to the present day. Everyday items such as ledger books on shelves, pencils on desks, and even an overcoat on a hook remain. A guided tour will give you insight into how windmills were constructed.

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