Summer Tour

Spend a day learning about objects that help you move fast and candies that satisfy your sweet tooth.

Tuesday, July 30, 2024
8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Tour starts at Lithuanian Bakery, 7427 Pacific Street, Omaha, NE
$110 per person

Price includes coach transportation, driver gratuity, attraction admissions, lunch, and afternoon ice cream

Tour reservation deadline June 29, 2024

Highlights: Bakers Candies outlet - Museum of American Speed - Sunken Gardens - National Museum of Roller Skating - UNL Dairy Store

We begin the day with a visit to Bakers Candies located in Greenwood, Nebraska. The 25,000 square foot candy factory produces more than one half million pounds of their famous chocolate meltaway candies each year. Each day four fully automated production lines produce over 2,000 pounds of meltaway candies. Bakers Candies is Nebraska’s largest candy outlet. Enjoy a brief presentation about Bakers Candies history and their candy making process. Samples will be available to satisfy your sweet tooth. Our next destination is the National Museum of Roller Skating where you will learn about the early development of roller skating and its role in pop culture, sports, and Hollywood movies. Nearby is the Sunken Gardens, which was a former neighborhood dumpsite.  The 1.5 acre garden is now listed in the 300 best gardens to visit in the United States and Canada by the National Geographic’s Guide to Public Gardens.

This afternoon we visit the Museum of American Speed, Lincoln’s number one tourism attraction. Whether you are really into cars or just like looking at old cars, this is THE place. Learn about the history of the people and families of racing. See the progression of vehicles and technology. The 3rd floor contains toys influenced by the racing industry and a wall of retro lunch boxes. There is something for everyone’s interest. Our last tour stop is the University of Nebraska Lincoln Dairy Store. Originally opened in 1917 to provide milk for student dormitories, today the store facilities provide food science students the opportunity to create dairy products like ice cream and cheese. Before departing back to Omaha, we will sample some of their ice cream.

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